Our Associates

We work for a lot of great companies including working with the renewable energy industry.
We are the designated manufacturer for both Freeflow 69 and TASC. Links can be found below.

Freeflow Wheel
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Consultants and Designers in Micro Hydro Engineering

Freeflow69 are one of the key market leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of Micro Hydro Power for private, commercial and the small industrial sector.

With over 10 years experience, we specialise in producing water wheels and Archimedes Screws, using our extensive knowledge and expertise of the traditional Overshot, Breastshot, Poncelet and Zuppinger water wheels.

Our Stainless Steel water wheels are manufactured here in the UK by our associate company, Able Engineering, who are based in the Midlands.

From initial consultation, through design, planning, manufacture, installation and commissioning, the Freeflow team will guide you through the process of realising the potential of your own Micro Hydro Renewable Energy project.

TASC Screw
The Archimedes Screw Company

The Archimedes Screw Company (TASC) has designed and built a revolutionary new Hydroelectric Turbine based on the Archimedes Screw principles. It is a fish friendly, efficient device for converting the potential energy in water to electricity.

The TASC turbine is made from reinforced plastic and is suited to smaller, domestic sites producing less than 15kw. The Turbine is designed and manufactured in UK and is easily transported and installed with minimal construction works. There are Archimedes Screw Turbines currently available in the market, but these are made from metal and are thus expensive to manufacture, transport and install. They are suited to large scale sites where you might hope to generate more than 50Kw. The Archimedes Screw Turbine is the turbine of choice of the Environment Agency, due to its low impact on the environment.