Environmental Policy

The Directors of Able Stainless Steel Fabrications Limited attach great importance to the integration of environmental controls into it’s business operations.

Control of environmental risk is of paramount importance to our business. It is our aim to achieve and sustain acceptable standards of management by the employment of best practice and innovative techniques, which may improve upon any current methodology.

Current legislative and regulatory environmental standards are deemed to be a minimum requirement of which the aim is to surpass this benchmark.

It is our Company policy to:

We also recognise and accept our responsibility on affecting the environment of others by our activities. The allocation of duties for such matters and the particular arrangements which will implement the Policy are set out in additional Company documentation and processes.

It is the duty of all personnel to conform to this Policy and associated codes and regulations applicable to the Company’s activities. All personnel must accept and carry out the legal responsibilities placed upon them by the relevant legislation, in respect of safeguarding the environment. Management and Supervisors at all levels who authorise work will ensure that adequate controls & facilities are available to sustain legal compliance. Whilst legal requirements must be complied with at all times, environmental undertakings can be best promoted by continual vigilance and constant reappraisal of our working methods and risk assessments by all our personnel, inclusive of sharing information with other interested parties.

The Management are responsible, as far as is reasonably practicable, for all aspects of environmental controls of the Company. However, they cannot exercise this responsibility without the active co-operation of all our employees. The promotion of our environmental performance whilst at work is to be regarded as a mutual objective for all employees at all levels.

Our Environmental Accreditation

Certificate is available on request.