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Sub Contractor Health & Safety Questionnaire


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Company Details

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What services do you provide ?

Attach - Company Insurance

Management Systems

Who is ultimately responsible for Health & Safety ?

How is Health & Safety advice provided ?

Attach - Health & Safety Policy Statement

Attach - Company Organisation Chart

Do you have a Company Health & Safety procedures manual ?


What Health & Safety training is routinely provided ?

What way do you provide Health & Safety information to employees ?

Attach - Training / Skills Matrix


Attach - Accident Statistics for 3 Years

How do you carry out an accident investion ?

How many prosecution, prohibition notices and improvement notices have you received in the last 3 years ?

Health & Safety

Please describe any involvement you have in safety groups or any safety accreditations

Attach - Relevant Certificates

Contractor Selection

How do you assess the competence of companies ?

Risk Management

What methods do you employ for carrying out risk assessments prior to work comencing

Attach - Sample Risk Assesment


How do you ensure that any plant, equipment and vehicles are issued and maintained ?

Attach - Sample Equipment Inspection

What systems are in place for managing hazardous substances /

Attach - Sample COSHH Sheet

Attach - COSHH Assessment for above

What would you consider as key areas of concern for the type of work that you will undertake for Able ?


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